Cancellations are a part of climbing, describes adventurer Andrew Hughes. There is no guarantee you'll reach the summit. You have to abide by the storms that alter your path, whether its due to the weather or a pandemic. Due to coronavirus, Hughes was forced to cancel both a marathon and an attempt to climb Mounts Everest and Lhotse back-to-back within 24 hours -- an attempt only 40 people have ever achieved. Instead, he channeled months of training to climb his front porch steps 5,683 times, a distance equal to the elevation gain from Everest Base Camp. To recreational hikers, this undertaking may sound absurd but, to endurance athletes, its' about adapting to the circumstances and redefining the art of the sport. Hughes is just one of many who've shaken off the disappointment of cancelled events, races and milestone attempts that were canceled and found creative ways to challenge themselves, make the most of their training efforts and channel their skills during isolation.

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