The remote town of Gustavus is home to 446 residents. It's a gateway town to Glacier Bay National Park in Southeastern Alaska. The coronavirus measures had suddenly stopped their usual transport methods, leaving residents with diminished access to affordable food. Yet one man, the town grocer, took matters into his own hands. Setting off in a 96-foot ship, Toshua Parker left town, humming through choppy waters of the Icy Straight, "past vast expanses of wilderness, snow-capped peaks, and breaching whales." Seven hours later, he reached the world's most remote Costco warehouse in Juneau, where a few men loaded the ship with $20,000 worth of food. "It is not uncommon for individuals like Parker to take things into their own hands when the one grocery store in town goes out of business. But what makes [this grocery store] unique is the extreme lengths its owner has gone to, recreating a complex supply chain from scratch to feed an entire town."

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