Two hundred seventeen miles from Stockholm, one couple is launching a restaurant that will serve a three-course meal to one guest a day. The cost of the meal? Up to the diner. Location? A lush meadow. Rasmus Persson and Linda Karlsson came up with the concept on a whim one evening, when Karlsson's parents arrived at their home as the coronavirus was making its way around the globe. To take precautions, the couple set up a table outside for their at-risk parents, a safe distance away. The experience germinated their initiative Bord for En ("Table For One"). From May 10 through August 1, food and drink will be brought to each day's guest in a picnic basket tied to a rope leading to the restaurant's kitchen window. The couple told CNN they are not doing this to make money. "We might be isolated, but do we spend time with ourselves? This is an opportunity to do that. You are worth spending time with," Karlsson said.

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