Chalk hearts lined the sidewalk. Festive, hand-drawn posters speckle the streets. Christmas lights and flowers weave across fences and trees. One neighbor rakes leaves off the street, and brings plants from his home to make an altar. When Amanda Mason and Aaron Meyers told a neighbor they had to reschedule their April 25 wedding for November, he was quick to suggest they keep the date and do it on their street with neighbors donning masks and keeping physical distance. Walter Street in Washington, D.C., "is the kind of street where you can park your car on one end at 5PM and it will take you until 6PM to get home, because neighbors are always out, saying hello," a resident describes. When one couple emailed for a rake, they had three in five minutes. And so it was amid those conditions that, on Saturday, the couple joined hands at their makeshift alter, with a laptop for Meyer's father to officiate the ceremony from his home in NW Washington. Everyone stood at their gates, cheering on the love.

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