A Maryland family wants to publicly thank a stranger for going above and beyond. Laura Degnon reached out to the Good News Network to tell them all about her hero, Juan. Laura’s son Jake had lost his wallet, which was unusually full of “quite a bit of Christmas money, college money, and of course his school ID, license, debit and credit card.” The family looked and looked and couldn’t find it anywhere; they retraced Jake’s steps, going to a store where he’d bought a snack the day before. Given the snow on the ground, they had no luck finding the wallet. Then, the next morning as Jake was getting ready to head back to college, Juan rang the doorbell at the family’s home. He had found the wallet and wanted to return it. Laura was beyond thrilled to see that the wallet was completely intact – not a thing was missing. “What a great human!! Juan made my son’s day, and mine, more than he will ever know,” she said.

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