Quitting social media is hard to do, even when it doesn't cost you anything. So when Lush's chief executive Mark Constantine, shut its thousands of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok accounts on the biggest shopping day of the year, he knew dropping off millions of customers' screens would damage his business. Its Facebook and Instagram accounts alone had 10.6 million followers and the void will result in an estimated £10 million ($13.3 million) hit to sales, but Constantine, one of the business's co-founders, said they had "no choice" after whistleblowers called attention to the negative impact social media sites such as Instagram are having on teenagers' mental health. "I just thought 'That's their own research and they're ignoring it and we are attracting a lot of people to their platform.' We had no choice whatsoever. Lush attracts an awful lot of girls of that age," he said.

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