This is a beautiful story about giving thanks. The author celebrated 14 years of being clean from meth by volunteering at Stone Soup Café in Greenfield, Mass. And it is a beautiful story about how places like Stone Soup, as they work to feed others, offer hope for new futures for those who need it -- through support, jobs, housing, and culinary skills training. "Stone Soup transforms many others with stories similar to mine," she says. When the pandemic hit, Stone Soup began to-go offerings and soon was serving 500 meals every Saturday, with about 50 volunteers. And one Saturday before Thanksgiving, the author was one of those volunteers. "Most people who served me in the soup kitchens and sober homes won’t ever hear words of appreciation from me. But with places like Stone Soup, I’m able to do something to start to pay them back, by bettering the lives of others. And in the process, bettering my own life."

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