Luc Houle, a 33-year-old from Canada, designed canvas sneakers that can turn into apple trees. Johnny sneakers as they are called—named after a man who introduced apple trees to Ontario in the 1800s—are made of biodegradable materials with an apple seed hidden within the shoe's midsole. The sneakers last just as long as a typical shoe and are comfortable and water resistant. But once buried in the ground, a compound in the shoes activate, attracting microbes to decompose the shoe within years. Then the apple seed begins to take root. The idea of an "apple tree" shoe came to Houle after working for seven years in the fashion industry and seeing firsthand all the clothing that ends up in landfills. "Plastic sticks around for about 1,000 years after we throw it away," says Houle. "I kind of wanted to do something to fix that."

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