Josh Rossi, a photographer, and his wife Roxanna are parents with a cool hobby: they photograph children as the superheroes they really are. It started when they transformed their three-year-old daughter into Wonder Woman and photographed her, just for fun. They shared the picture with a friend over Facebook Messenger and next thing they knew, People Magazine wanted to feature the story. They were flooded with requests from parents for superhero photo shoots, but one stood out: a mom who wanted the Rossis to photograph her daughter who had cancer as Wonder Woman. They did that shoot and they realized this was their calling, turning tiny people battling huge challenges into the superheroes they really are. The Rossis do this pro bono, footing the bill for the custom-made costumes for each child. Their work has deep emotional impact for children who have been overlooked, bullied or marginalized; the photographs have the power to change self-perception and the perceptions of others.

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