Lego, a US maker of children’s toys, is touting its most ambitious build to date, but rather than many pages of instructions, the toymaker’s latest handbook offers only 10 steps. The booklet isn’t for a physical model; it offers “building instructions for a better world” ahead of the crucial COP26 climate talks in Glasgow. The “10 requests” of policymakers are based on research and workshops conducted with more than 6,000 children aged 8-18 from around the world. The guide distills children’s views into a to-do list that will be handed out to delegates at Cop26. The 10 steps include: reduce pollution and waste, increase the focus on protecting nature, change laws and regulations around sustainability, stop ignoring the problem and do more, educate people, reduce emissions, cooperate internationally, change your own behavior, invest more in protecting the environment, and help people and future generations.

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