Evan Bisnauth from Bronx, New York, is an adorable 11-year-old with an unusual passion – befriending and socializing dogs in animal shelters by reading to them. He also creates amusing animations of the animals “doing all the fun things that dogs like to do” to encourage people to adopt them. For all his heartfelt efforts, Evan has won the title of Kid of the Year from ASPCA. This touching video shows the little boy sitting in front of a caged dog and reading aloud from his favorite book, "Belly Rubbins for Bubbins" and assuring the dog in a calm voice that he will be adopted and that he has hope for him. “I just want people to know that shelter dogs are not bad dogs. They are just looking for good people," says Evan. "And to all the kids out there, you are never too small to make big changes."

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