A family trip to see the fall foliage in Colorado turned into a rescue mission when the family came across an injured man. The Meyers family recently took a day trip from Denver to Guanella Pass, a scenic byway through the Rocky Mountains. On their way home, the wife asked her husband, Matthew, to stop for a selfie with the fall foliage in the background. During their photo opportunity, a man approached them saying there was a hiker injured pretty badly, about 1.5 miles up the trail; the man asked whether they had cell phone service to call for help. They didn’t. Matthew Meyers got his family to the car and jumped in to help. A group of hikers was with the injured man, who was in his 70’s, trying to find a way to get him down the steep and rough terrain. Eventually the group built a stretcher using tree branches and a belt, and shoelaces. They were carrying the man down the tail when they were met by the district’s fire rescue team. Platt Canyon Fire said the care the man received was instrumental to his survival.

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