Launched three years ago, the Northern Forest initiative led by the Woodland Trust organization hopes to sow the seeds for a forest corridor in northern England. At the moment, the area spanning from Liverpool to Hull suffers from a low woodland cover of 7.6 percent compared to the national average of 13.2 percent. The initiative expects to have 50 million trees planted in 25 years. The United Kingdom recently pledged £15 million, adding 1 million trees to the 3 million that already have been planted. Simon Mageean, the Woodland Trust program director, said, “These new trees have the power to transform people’s lives through all the green space they bring in areas of traditionally low tree cover. They are also set to bring a big boost to our fight against climate change and encourage nature recovery.” Environmental groups have lauded the project yet cautioned that it is not a substitute for protecting woodlands that already exist.

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