The steep cost of train tickets in the UK pushes many travelers to take the plane instead, when it's cheaper and on some domestic routes. As the demand for green travel surges across Europe and UK rail operators face criticism for the ballooning cost of fares, Lumo, a low-cost, low-carbon rail firm has launched to provide an alternative to flying on the UK’s pre-pandemic busiest domestic route: London to Edinburgh. Its all-electric trains are scheduled to start running on October 25. Lumo said that 60 percent of all fares would cost £30 (about $41) or less. The firm reckons its services (journey time: 4 hours, 17 min.) will be about as quick as flying. Their trains will have free wi-fi, a plant-based onboard catering menu and ergonomic chairs. There will be one train per day in both directions to begin with, rising to 10 by “early next year.” For the time being, Lumo is focusing on one route.

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