Tiffany Holloway's son Jonas is obsessed with everything ocean-related, so she wasn't surprised when he asked for a plush Manta Ray for his 5th birthday. Holloway couldn't afford to buy a plush manta ray, so she got right to work sewing one. Made from Jonas' old baby blanket and with buttons from one of her blouses for eyes, this manta ray was hand-made with love. Proud of her handiwork, Holloway posted a picture of it on Reddit and was overwhelmed with the responses. Thus far she has received 150 plush manta rays for Jonas; generous strangers also donated tickets to a nearby aquarium and zoo for fun birthday experiences. People donated $1,500 to help Holloway pay her tuition and someone started a GoFundMe page to help the family get caught up on their bills. "It's not about presents and money. It's about kindness and humanity. The people who saw my post are a lot like me – they're not well-off. But they came forward to lift us up and make a dream true. We'll carry that happy feeling with us," said Holloway.

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