Ron King, a former publishing executive, has taken on a new role: managing a donkey sanctuary in California. He learned about the plight of donkeys around the world, that they're being sold to slaughter for the collagen in their hides. So King secured land in Mendocino Country from his friend, prominent Los Angeles art dealer and philanthropist Phil Selway. Now, seven months after opening, the sanctuary is celebrating its 20th adoption. Fifty-five donkeys currently live on the property -- six permanent residents, 12 available for adoption, two pending adoption and 35 in the recovery stage. King insists on adopting the donkeys out only when they are well, and he won’t separate mothers and babies -- or best friends. About his new adventure, King said, “I loved my career, traveling, going to fashion shows, but here is the first time I’ve felt serenity. And for the first time, I realized I desperately wanted it.”

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