Two young Missouri boys rescued a woman drowning in floodwaters. Joseph Diener, 16, and Dominic Viet, 15, happened to be riding their bikes when they caught sight of a woman struggling to stay afloat. Floodwaters submerged the basketball court nearly up to the hoops where the woman was. Yet, without hesitation, the two boys went into the water. They were Boy Scouts who had earned merit badges in swimming and lifesaving. After pulling the woman to shore, she coughed up water and did not move or talk. Columbia Fire Department arrived at the scene and the lady was taken to a hospital. "You don't know what is in the water -- it could have sewage in it, or chemicals. It's very dangerous to even enter floodwater, let alone to go swimming," Assistant Fire Chief Jerry Jenkins said. "They are very brave men to do what they did."

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