Nine-year-old Adhiraaj Sejwal’s battle with Covid spurred him to help others in distress. When his whole family in Delhi was affected, he witnessed first-hand the struggle to procure medicines, oxygen concentrators and even a hospital bed for his grandmother. When he recovered, he contacted his coach, urging him to set up an online chess tournament for children in different age groups in aid of Covid patients. Of the 100 participants in the Covid Chess Relief Tournament, 25 voluntarily donated money for the cause and Adhiraaj was able to give a substantial sum to a voluntary agency to pay for relief efforts. The young do-gooder was able to draw upon his earlier experience of collecting funds to help children in government schools during the lockdown. The tournament itself was an opportunity for old friends to connect. Says his mother Meenakshi Sejwal, “Due to the pandemic, kids have been confined to their homes for more than a year. They got a chance to meet old friends and make new ones through this tournament.” As for Adhiraaj, he is looking forward to giving the winners their trophies.

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