After being left paralyzed from the shoulders down after an Indie race accident 22 years ago, Sam Schmidt’s life has been spent in a wheel chair. Being able to stand and walk has only figured in his dreams all these years, and now a team of engineers from Arrow Electronics has pulled off the seemingly impossible. The "exoskeleton 1.0" that they have designed allows Schmidt to stand and walk while a person helps him balance from behind. “After 21 years, I didn't remember what the view was like.... I haven't gotten a full-body hug in 21 years, you know. And we got some of those today,” said an emotional Schmidt. Though he has been driving and even racing in a specially designed Corvette that can be controlled through the movement of his head, walking has been "Epic. Mega. Unbelievable." And dancing with his daughter at her wedding was a fitting culmination of his dream.

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