Tasmanian devils are termed ecosystem engineers, since they can restore and rebalance the wild to the benefit of other native wildlife, the climate and people. Unfortunately, they have not found a home for the past 3,000 years on the Australian continent and country with the highest extinction rate in the world. Now, however, thanks to the concerted efforts of several wildlife organizations, 26 of them have been reintroduced into a sanctuary in Barrington Tops, 200 kilometers from Sydney. This safe home is designed to protect them from non-native rivals such as cats and foxes and natural dangers such as fires and disease. The fact that seven Tasmanian devil joeys (babies) have been spotted recently is a vindication of their efforts. Tim Faulkner, president of conservation organization Aussie Ark, says with barely contained excitement, “We had been watching them from afar until it was time to step in and confirm the birth of our first wild joeys. And what a moment it was!”

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