Lucie Basch got an education about food production and waste working on the Nestle production line. Specifically, she learned that one-third of the food produced worldwide doesn’t get eaten. Instead, it rots in the fields, the back of people’s fridges or in the dump. Food waste accounts for 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. “I realized that we need to build a better food system. And for me, I really wanted to use technologies to connect people at the right time at the right place to enable them to make a difference,” Basch said. Enter “Too Good To Go,” an app that connects consumers to businesses selling last-minute-bargain foods. These businesses put their leftover bagels, croissants and noodle bowls in mystery bags you can reserve for $4 or $6. Thirty-eight million people worldwide have downloaded the app so far, and the app estimates they are saving 200,000 meals each day. Each meal equates to 2.2 pounds of food diverted from the dump, the carbon-equivalent of fully charging a smartphone 422 times.

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