Sulphur Creek was one of the first places in the Klondike where gold miners struck it rich at the turn of the 20th century. Now, 120 years later, the same stream near Dawson City, Yukon, is the latest addition to a new fish-friendly mining movement: a non-profit is working with an Indigenous-owned mining company, along with major tech and jewelry companies, to squeeze a little more gold out of the creek while restoring the area to healthy salmon habitat. The project, spearheaded by Washington, D.C.-based aims to produce what the partners call "Salmon Gold." Similar to conflict-free diamond projects, which aim to source gems without harming people, Salmon Gold operations recover precious metals while rehabilitating old mining sites for the sake of fish. “Salmon Gold embodies what our cultural heritage is all about. It’s our sacred duty to preserve and protect the land and resources for future generations,” said Allen Edzerza the principal of Cheona Metals.

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