Sarah Frei was a student at Clearfield High School in Utah when she was injured in a serious car accident and had both of her legs amputated. A dedicated cheerleader before the accident, one of Sarah’s first questions to her parents after waking up in the hospital was, “Will I ever be able to cheer again?” Her parents said yes, again and again, when she asked these questions. Her cheerleading community rallied around her and developed a routine for her, called the "Sarah Strong" dance, which they performed at every game. Sarah learned the routine while still in the hospital and was able to perform it with the cheer team at the last game of the season. Sarah’s positivity has infused her life and she is following her dream of becoming a teacher. The wise young woman’s advice is, “Live life to the fullest because it’s not worth being sad. Being happy is so much better. You can be the example to others through your positivity. One person can change lives.”

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