More people are cooking at home than ever during the pandemic and, in Seattle, more than 500 home bakers are taking an extra step to give back to their community. Led by college administrator and avid baker Katherine Kehrli, Community Loaves has been on a mission to donate home-baked bread to a local food bank. Kehrli, who uses her home as a staging area for the ambitious project, told Today that the effort has grown from a small initial donation to the delivery of 1,300 loaves of bread. Kehrli has developed a simple recipe for honey oat loaf bread, which uses locally sourced flour. Each recipe yields four loaves, and bakers are urged to donate three loaves and keep one. The loaves are donated to Hopelink, an area food bank that has reported surging demand during the pandemic. This project "has restored my faith in the collective good that we can actually do," Kehrli said.

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