Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek is documenting the world on his global multi-year Out of Eden Walk. Since January 2013, the 59-year-old American has been walking from Africa along the ancient path of human migration, which started between 50,000 and 80,000 years ago. The trek will cover more than 38,000 kilometers (23,612 miles) in 36 countries, extending from Ethiopia to Argentina, passing through western Asia, the Silk Road, India, China, Siberia and the west coast of North and South America before terminating at Tierra del Fuego, at the southern tip of South America. The journalist has currently covered 12,000 kilometers (7,456 miles) and is stuck in Myanmar due to a pandemic-induced border closure. Salopek says his journey is about story telling; he aims to gather knowledge in a slower way, at a more human pace, infusing his work with richer deeper insights into the landscapes and people he encounters.

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