Oakland Mayor Libby Shaef recently announced that California's City of Oakland was initiating a privately funded and guaranteed pay-program for low-income families of color. This program has raised $6.75 million from private donors so far and will be initially targeting up to 600 families to participate. The program will provide each participating family $500 dollars a month to help alleviate their financial stresses and to enhance their overall health, well-being and ability to secure full time employment. One of the more interesting aspects of this program is that there are no restrictions imposed by the City of Oakland on how these participating families can spend the money that they receive. This program is associated with the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income movement and a “coordinated campaign [by Mayors from various municipalities across the US] to convince Congress to adopt a national guaranteed income program,” the Associated Press reports. This program honors the legacy of the Black Panther Party platform locally and is the first program in the US to “limit participation strictly to Black, Indigenous and people of color communities.”

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