Two Maryland police officers are being credited for helping to calm down a man having a behavioral health crisis. Hyattsville police received a call recently about an agitated, angry man inside a convenience store at a Sunoco gas station. Officers Andrickson-Franco and Gaskill responded. “When we first arrived, he appeared to be incoherent. He wasn’t making much sense,” Andrickson-Franco said. “We engaged in conversation with him and we didn’t want to be too overbearing,” Gaskill said. Andrickson-Franco sat down on the floor with the man, and when he was verbally abusive, the officer refused to respond in kind. The officers were understanding, built trust and the man calmed down. Eventually, he handed his phone over to them and they called a relative to come and pick him up. “Not everyday situation you have to arrest someone, right? That’s not our job. Our job is to help.”

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