A San Diego doctor went the distance, literally, to show his support for a cancer patient who had set out to complete a marathon. When Colin Jackson was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma in 2019, the then-37-year-old marathon competitor refused to let the health challenge put an end to his running days. “I remember lying in my room at Jacobs Medical Center, bed-bound and unable to move after the surgery to remove the tumor and reconstruct my hip and thinking ‘I will complete a marathon again. It will be tough to get there, but it’s not impossible," said Jackson. When he asked his doctor, James Flint, whether he could run again, the doctor half-jokingly said, “I’m OK if you walk a marathon, and if you do it, I’ll do it with you.” The two did just that, although in separate locations, in January 2021, and video chatted along the way to support each other.

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