Every day at 5 p.m., no matter what Dr. Debra Schwinn is doing, Palm Beach Atlantic University’s new president jumps on a Zoom call with students in isolation due to the coronavirus. Schwinn is both a physician and a mom and worries about the toll such isolation takes on students at the small school, some of whom are already struggling with the emotional swings college brings. Anywhere from 1 to 15 students have been on the 20-minute video calls, where she tries to bolster spirits, finds out if their needs are being met, checks mental and physical conditions and learns what prayers are wanted from her. “It was the one unique thing I could do. Who, besides myself, could Zoom every night, really get a feeling for what is working from a systems perspective and give that caring, personal touch?” Schwinn said. “For those of us who are at the bottom of the pole here," said Pablo Castillo, one of the students in isolation, "to have someone at the top take the time. This is a great example, to take a step down and connect with people."

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