After leaving a plane en route to a funeral for a recently deceased family member, two-year-old Hagen Davis asked his mother “Where’s Buzz?” They searched frantically in their luggage to no avail. His mother, figuring his favorite toy was lost somewhere along their travels and that she would likely need to purchase a replacement, calmly told her son that “Buzz was on a ‘special mission’" and that he would return shortly. Little did the Davis family know how special Buzz's mission truly was. Beth Buchanan and Jason William Hamm, employees of Southwest Airlines in Little Rock, Ark., found Buzz on the plane with Hagen’s name inscribed on the bottom of Buzz’s space shoe. The two performed numerous acts of kindness to facilitate Buzz's successful return. They tracked down the Davis family and their address, documented Buzz’s special mission through photography, wrote Hagen a personal letter describing Buzz's mission in a space font signed by Buzz and colored the shipping boxes with Buzz pictures and quotes -- all an expression of the compassion manifest in so many ways during Covid times.

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