When schools moved online for the pandemic, one public school science teacher wanted to make his chemistry labs as interactive and accessible as possible. Jonte Lee of Calvin Coolidge High School in Washington, D.C., began livestreaming his lessons on Instagram and Facebook in April 2020 at the suggestion of his principal, Semanthe Bright. "Our thought behind it was, students know how to use Instagram, they know how to use Facebook," Lee said, adding that he "wanted to meet the students where they were." When online school rolled around in fall 2020, Lee began running chemistry labs with items that could be found in most kitchens. One of his most popular lessons instructs how to make ice cream in three different ways. "And if there's something a student doesn't have, I don't mind shipping it to the student," he told them. Lee, who became known as "The Kitchen Chemist," has even bought and delivered backpacks, school supplies and Amazon Fire tablets to each of his students, pouring his summer school teaching salary into the great kitchen chemistry lab experience.

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