"I love the culture of the city, I love the character of the city, I love the community," Jonathan Sandals described the city of Seattle, Washington, after moving there from Montreal in 2019. He fell in love with the city's small businesses, and conversations with owners made him realize their online sales were dismal. Web searches for small mom-and-pop shops were no match against big online retailers. "It's important to root for David, not Goliath," he pointed out. "I think we're all better for that, right?" In that spirit, he used his tech skills to create a browser extension that aggregates products sold in small stores, making them searchable in one place. For free. Small businesses don't pay for the service, and neither do the users. "I'm not making any money off this,” Sandals said, laughing. “It's a passion project. It's my love letter to Seattle."

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