A koala born with a missing foot has a new one after a dental prosthetist stepped forward “to help the little fella.” The koala, named Triumph, was taken into care in 2017 after being found with his dying mother on a property near Lismore in northern New South Wales, Australia. Veterinarians found that Triumph’s missing foot was a birth defect that sometimes caused him pain. His rescuer and nurse, Marley Christian, went on a hunt to find someone who could design a prosthetic for Triumph. After a number of failed attempts, a dental prosthetist, Jon Doulman, volunteered to try and create one. He was successful and since receiving the prosthetic, Christian said, Triumph is “able to move a lot better -- he’s a lot more active.” Dental prosthetist Doulman said, “It’s a really good feeling to be able to do something for him because he was in trouble.”

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