Like many other nursing home residents, those at Chartwell Parkhill Long Term Care Residence have been largely cut off from the world during the pandemic. On January 27, three alpacas, Ned, Floyd and Jimmy, paid them a visit, sparking some cheer as they peered in through glass windows. "The alpacas are kind of funny because, when they see their reflection, they're really intrigued. They love to explore and look inside things, so they naturally want to look in the windows, and it becomes really personal for the people inside," said Nick Ince, owner of Sylvan Alpacas farm, where the alpacas reside. "It was just what we needed during this pandemic and not being able to get out of the building. It was so nice to see something different out the windows," said Michelle Bronsard, the home's program manager. "This visit definitely created a lot of smiles and a lot of talk and questions for days." While it was the alpacas' first visit to the facility, it won't be their last. And, already, they're scheduled to visit two other long-term care homes as well.

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