Thomas Phillips, 62, is a resident of Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing home in Rome, N.Y. For him and other nursing home residents around the world, it has been an especially isolating past 11 months. With Valentine's Day coming up, Philips decided to do something to brighten others' days. He plans to send a Valentine’s Day card to every resident in a nursing home or skilled care facility in his region of central New York -- and beyond, if possible. With Ky Reardon, a person he met on social media, he plans to get Valentine’s Day cards signed and delivered to the more than 11,000 nursing home residents across the “315″ area code region. Volunteers have rallied forces to make "Operation Valentine" a reality. An aide delivered 600 blank Valentine’s Day cards to Philips, which he signed. Another person setup drop boxes at two local coffee shops for people to submit their valentines. Volunteers then pick them up from the drop boxes and deliver them to local nursing homes.

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