Navy meteorologist Paul Grisham, 91, spent a year monitoring weather conditions on the frigid continent he calls “The Ice”. In October 1967, Grisham returned to California but he left a wallet behind. It had fallen behind some lockers and only been found when the building was demolished in 2014. Some enterprising folks worked hard to track Grisham down and return the wallet. The wallet’s contents tell the story of life on “The Ice”: in addition to Grisham’s Navy ID and driver’s license, there was a beer ration punch card, receipts for money orders sent to his wife for his poker winnings at the station, and a pocket reference card for what to do in the event of an atomic, biological, or chemical weapons attack. There was never any cash, as there was nothing to buy at the station. “I was just blown away. There was a long series of people involved who tracked me down and ran me to ground,” said Grisham.

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