The world got a little greener when the lights of the Empire State Building flickered to life this year: For the first time, the beloved skyscraper and 13 other office buildings owned by the same company were powered solely by wind. The Empire State Realty Trust (ESRT) had already established a reputation for sustainability after completing a decade-long “deep carbon” retrofit of the iconic building that cut its planet-warming emissions by about 40%. About their most recent carbon-reducing endeavor, Anthony Malkin, the trust’s chief executive, said, “We want to differentiate ourselves so we can get better tenants at higher rents so we can outperform the competition. It’s all market-driven.” Cyndy Reynolds, commercial sales director for Green Mountain Energy, the company from which ESRT is buying the green energy, said “It’s so important to have examples like ESRT to show the nation that renewable power options are affordable and, dare I say, competitive.”

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