On January 22, Masako "Terry" Martinez, 86, was admitted to the hospital for Covid-19. Three days later, Martinez's husband Frank, 93, became hospitalized as well. The Illinois couple both were being treated for Covid-19 simultaneously but ended up separated in different hospital units. When nurses learned from a family member that the couple is inseparable, they schemed a way to bring the couple together on a "dinner date" night so they could see each other. On January 27, nurses Kim Presson and Hannah Schlemer brought Frank to his wife's bedside so they could hold hands and eat dinner together, "just like they have done for 63 years," a hospital press release described. "Just the history of them struck a special chord for me," Presson said. "I know it's hard for all our patients being here, so anything we can do to bring them a little bit of joy is always important to us."

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