For the Lucero family of nine in Chicago, music is a way of life. Neighbor Bob Farster wrote "In 2019, their music filled the air around Chicago" and the year "capped off with an appearance on America's Most Musical Family." When the pandemic hit last year, their performances -- and livelihood -- came to a grinding halt. Adapting however they could, the family inevitably fell 8 months and $18K behind on rent. "Paying half the bills, or half the rent, doesn't work. And then you get an eviction notice. We got it right around Christmas time," dad Juan Lucero said. When he and wife Susy heard Congress had passed a rental assistant package, Juan asked friends on social media if anyone knew where to apply. Neighbor Bob Farster recalled, "A few of us talked and said we can't let them be evicted from their home. There's just no way.... The kids are just nice, polite and talented. And Susy and Juan are just always the first ones to help." Farster setup a GoFundMe page for the Luceros and, in just three weeks, over $64,000 was donated by 780 people. "It's like a miracle. Like a big warm hug from many people," Juan said. Daughter Maya noted, "I'm still mind-blown that these people ... they really don't have to do that. They can just say something nice and it'll just lighten up our day."

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