The town of Bean Station, Tenn., is home to the Lakeshore BP convenience store, and the convenience store is the home-away-from-home for Frankie Wyndham. He visits the store every day and stays most of the day. Known as “Red,” Wyndham is a fixture at the store, in a good way. “He just puts a smile on everybody’s face when you walk in the door,” said store manager Bethanie Kellione. According to Kellione, Red had a truck that he was always working on. It broke down in mid-November, and members of the community pitched in to get him a newer truck. At least 20 people contributed. They were able to buy a Ford Ranger and replace most of its parts. Red was thrilled with his new vehicle, which was dubbed “Red’s Ranger.” He told Kellione it was the nicest thing that anyone has done for him.

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