Stuck in a snow storm on Tuesday, healthcare workers in Oregon knew they had limited time to administer the leftover coronavirus vaccines under their care. Rather than let the doses go to waste, they began administering the vaccine to motorists on the side of the road. In Josephine County, public health staff and volunteers drove away from a vaccine clinic at Illinois Valley High School, about 160 miles south of Eugene, when a storm hit and stranded many on the highway. The team had six doses of the vaccine left over from the clinic, which they originally planned to administer at nearby Grants Pass, but the storm made that goal impossible before the doses expired. Instead, amid the falling snow, they walked from stranded car to stranded car, offering the doses to the drivers. "Watching them go car to car in that horrible weather filled me with pride," volunteer Christi Siedlecki told NBC News. "I felt gratitude they were working so hard not to waste a single dose of vaccine, even in such horrible conditions."

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