Nico Lavallee, age 4, lost his best friend recently -- a little stuffed deer he named Rudolph. While out on a walk near the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, his little brother grabbed the toy and threw it over the railing and onto the snow-covered ice below. Nico’s mom, Brenda Duke, had told her boys many times how dangerous it was down by the water, so -- even though they could see the toy -- she wouldn’t let any of them go down after it. Nico was very upset; the family visited the area several times and could see the toy, but couldn’t go after it. Finally, Duke’s older son suggested they post on social media and ask for help recovering the toy. The community alerted the National Capital Commission, pleading for a rescue mission. The NCC delivered: They found the toy, thawed it out and returned it to the family. Duke had this to say,:“You just have to ask. People do care.… [My kids] are growing up knowing that other people have our backs and other people care, and that’s really heartwarming.”

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