Even before she sees the name on the return address, Nancy Sloane knows who sent the letter -- the Snoopy sticker that seals the envelope is a dead giveaway. It’s from Wesley Morgan, a 32-year-old fan of the comic strip “Peanuts” who’s been sending Snoopy-themed cards and letters across the country to ease the solitude of older adults in isolation due to Covid-19. After Morgan was laid off from his job at Denver International Airport, he soon ran out of shows to stream and items to craft. He learned about a friend’s efforts to write to people in a Denver nursing home and felt called to do the same. He decided to use his beloved “Peanuts” cards and stationery sets, collected over many years. Morgan has written more than 500 letters and heard back from 142 people. Back to work now, he continues corresponding with people who write him back and says that he’ll keep doing it, even in the post-Covid world.

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