In the depths of a Bismarck, N.D., winter, two families were moved to do a small act of care to support servers in local restaurants over the holidays. Calling it "Project Kindness," they collected small offerings of money from family and friends so they could leave super tips for service workers. Eleven-year-old Eva Brooke raised $280, which she gave as a tip to the waiter serving her family's table one day. The act was inspired by her friend, Heather Frey, who, along with her family, had collected money from loved ones to collectively leave "super tips" for service workers. Frey's family raised over $1,600 and split it into two large tips for two restaurant servers. "One server, Mary, had to walk away. I’m sure it was an overwhelming experience. Our server, Amy, was moved to tears as well. It made me realize how much this gift meant to them. I was the messenger, but everyone came together to do something kind for someone. We can all use a little kindness," Frey said. For 11-year-old Eva Brooke, it was the best part of Christmas. She is committed to continuing to help others. "It's good to give and always be kind," she told MSN News.

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