Forty-five tiny, hand-painted "houses" scattered across the Taiwanese capital of Taipei offer shelter to local strays and a designated place for food handouts. The idea originated with Chen Chen-yi, a researcher at the Taiwan Animal Equality Association, who realized the need for an organized way for kind-hearted souls to reach out to feral cats. The "Midnight Cafeteria," as it is known, helps ensure that the practice of leaving out food for strays does not cause a mess or other nuisance for neighbors. It also allows the volunteers to keep track of strays, clean up after them and see to their health. Hung Pei-ling, one of the volunteers who maintain these shelters, explains that “you don’t have to be part of a very top-level association or something that takes up all of your time. You can just be one person doing something a little bit at a time -- a little bit, and taken all together, you can achieve a lot.”

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