What becomes of Christmas trees once the holidays are over? The Channell Homestead in Hanson, Massachusetts, has found an easy way to keep them out of landfills. The family’s herd of Nigerian dwarf goats love the discarded conifers. Taking care first to remove any leftover tinsel or decorations, the Channells offer these delicacies to their animals each year. "Who would've known," said Christanie Channell, "you know, that goats and chickens love Christmas trees?" The tradition began when the Channells simply tossed out their own tree one year. Once word got out about the enthusiastic reception it had received, neighbors began bringing over their trees as well. Through social media and an ad in a local flyer, the Christmas tree donations have been coming in each year from all over the surrounding area. "They love them," added Christanie "They snack on them like it's a special treat, like candy."

Watch video below.