When Davy Tsopo lost his dishwashing job due to Covid-19 business restrictions in Johannesburg, the immigrant from Zimbabwe was at a loss for how to earn money to support his young family. While watching episodes of reality baking show Cake Boss, Tsopo began jotting down recipes and in short order, in the middle of a pandemic, Cakey by Davy burst onto the South African baking scene. Spurred on by South African ex-pats around the globe Tsopo has racked up over 1,000 Instagram followers, bakes 10 or more cakes a week and earns twice his dishwashing salary. Tsopo dreams of one day owning his own bakery and coffee shop. Describing what it feels like to be his own boss, Tsopo says "I didn't know this kind of life before, I didn't know this was possible for me." The emergence of Cakey by Davy is a sweet reminder for anyone struggling with the vicissitudes of pandemic life that there can be silver linings in the darkest clouds.

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