Rajinder Singh from Middlesex, UK, went viral online this year as the "Skipping Sikh" whose exercise routine inspired people to stay fit during the coronavirus pandemic. He even raised 14,000 pounds for the National Health Service, a feat that garnered honors from the Queen. Amid the challenges the pandemic brought to this year's holidays, Singh's daughter, Minreet Kaur, suggested he dress up as Santa this year to help lift spirits. He agreed, and the 74-year-old, already sporting Santa's trademark beard, transformed into the "Skipping Sikh Santa" and, with the help of his family, partnered with a local school and Hounslow Christmas Project, which helps ensure that every child gets a holiday gift. It might not occur to some observers that Singh, as a Sikh, doesn't celebrate Christmas himself. In fact, the week of Christmas is typically a time of mourning for Sikhs, as a time for honoring the martyrdom of their 10th Guru's sons. But Singh's faith also includes a practice of selfless service, which motivates him to bring joy to others. "I [want to] do anything that I can to make other people happy and help them in any way. That's why I can't give up until my last breath," Singh told CNN.

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