Adam Finley, known to children on his US Postal Service route as Mr. Adam, is a mail carrier on a mission. Concerned about kids on his route who couldn’t go to school because of the pandemic, Mr. Adam came up with a way to lift the spirits of sisters Eva and Aria, a daily game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Every morning for the next few weeks, the girls would run out to the mailbox to see Mr. Adam’s latest moves and make their own. Mr. Adam rewarded the girls for their wins with gift cards for ice cream, flavored popcorn or anything to make them smile. The girls’ mother, Erin Jones, said, “The USPS may have had a hard year, but there’s no doubt in the Jones house that the Christmas spirit is alive and well because of one of their best employees. Thank you, Mr. Adam, for bringing such light to such a dark year.”

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