A California couple is celebrating the greatest gift they can imagine this holiday season -- a healthy baby -- thanks to the kindness of an organ donor living thousands of miles away. Baby Jacob Cooper was born with a rare disease of the liver and bile duct and, when he was about 10 months old, his parents were notified he needed a liver transplant to save his life. After parents Chad and Aileen were found not suitable to be donors, the hospital started searching; weeks later they found a match in Michael Speck, a 64-year-old man. Speck is both a father and grandfather, who previously donated a kidney to a minister. Speck said, “The surgeon told me it was a little 10-month baby. When I found that out I just burst out crying.” In October, Speck traveled to Los Angeles for the transplant, which was a complete success. When Jacob’s parents later met Speck over Zoom, they said to him, “There’s no words that can describe how thankful we are to you, Michael. You saved our son’s life.” Speck said back to them, “It’s my honor.”

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